Tips on How to Accessorize a Petite Frame

Published: 19th October 2010
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In the fashion industry, any woman 5'4"" or shorter is considered petite. When choosing jewelry, it is important for petite women to consider height, weight, and bone structure so as not to achieve a look that is too cluttered. Jewelry should be chosen in much the same way as clothing; considering personal features and build. The shape and style of jewelry can really enhance a woman's appearance. The following tips will help any petite woman choose accessories that will emphasize her best features.

Achieve Balance

It is most important to choose pieces that are in proportion to your body frame. A rule of thumb is to have a piece of jewelry in no more than three places so as not to overwhelm the body. Three pieces might include a necklace, earrings, and a watch. Sometimes, a woman's hair or glasses can be considered accessories. Keeping it simple will allow a petite woman to achieve the right look without overdoing it.

For example, a larger-framed, short woman with big, curly hair might want to choose a wider bracelet and a necklace as accessories. If she does wear earrings, they will be hidden by her hair. A smaller-framed petite woman with short hair could get away with earrings that suit her face shape, a delicate bracelet, and a necklace.

Considerations for Necklaces

Necklaces draw attention to the face, neck, and chest. To make a frame appear taller, the necklace should fall below the bust and above the waist. V- and Y-shaped lariats will elongate the body. Long, colorful statement necklaces will draw the eye up. When choosing necklaces, petite women should avoid chokers, as they make the body appear shorter.

Again, women should consider pieces that are proportionate to their frame. Larger women can get away with larger pieces, where a smaller woman can sometimes appear as if the necklace is wearing HER, and not the other way around.

Face Shapes and Earrings

Earrings should be chosen to complement the shape of a woman's face. Face shapes include round, rectangular, square, heart-shaped, and oval. Round faces should avoid hoops and button-shaped earrings, focusing instead on dangling, oblong, or rectangle shapes that will draw the focus down. Rectangular faces should avoid dangling earrings and choose shapes that add width. A square face will be complemented by round earrings, a heart-shaped face should wear triangular-shaped earrings, and an oval-shaped face will be complemented by any shape earring. Up-swept earring styles like seashells or wings make the body look taller. Fuller-figured petites can wear geometrical shapes well.

Bracelets and Rings

Delicate bracelets are best for petite women, though they can be layered. Several narrow bangles will flatter a petite figure more than one wider bracelet because they are in better proportion to the body. Shorter fingers look best in delicate rings with oval-shaped gems, while longer fingers can wear wider rings. Over-the-knuckle rings rarely flatter any finger type.

Most importantly, petite women should choose jewelry that they LOVE. If you love a piece, you will be able to wear it with confidence and that will show!" is one of the biggest online fashion wholesalers, providing women with inexpensive, yet great looking accessories. If you are shopping for bangle bracelets of fashion earrings, our selection of fine costume jewelry is unrivaled. We offer pieces in a multitude of colors to suit all of your fashion needs.

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