Bone And Resin Bangles -- History And Fashion

Published: 13th January 2012
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Bone and resin bangles are an original and unique way to accessorize any wardrobe. Whether itís a night out, a business meeting or hitting the handball court, bone and resin bangles are magnificent pieces of jewelry that will enhance any look and occasion.

Whatís a bangle?

A bangle is a piece of jewelry worn on the wrist. Like a bracelet, itís circular. But unlike a bracelet, a bangle is not flexible. The earliest types of its kind and place in history can be traced to a figurine uncovered during an excavation in Pakistan that, upon examination, dated back to 2600 BC. The figurine wore bangles on its left arm.

Bone and Resin?

The use of animal bone for jewelry is quite the tradition. It is believed bone was one of the original materials used by man. With what had to be limited resources, early tools such as knives and needles could be made of bone for projects involving cutting and the making of clothes. This makes sense as other natural resources of early man, like granite and stone, simply werenít as malleable as bone, which can be soft and supple.

Resin is a secretion taken from different plants and trees. A type of resin is used in numerous products, including nail polish and varnishes. Many artists, including Eva Hesse, used it for their sculptures. Until a few years ago, manufacturers of bowling balls added particles of resin to the ballsí covers. Its glazing properties are perfect for giving any bangle a clean and sophisticated appearance.

Animal Bone?

The tradition is tribal and part of a cultural history as old as ancient African civilizations and as modern as the hottest fashion trends. Throughout recorded time, with its spiritual and social significance, the bone bangle has been used to heighten beauty, emphasize dance movement and display wealth and social status. Cultures have used the bone bangle for protection from spirits, professing love, and to distinguish conquest in experiences such as warfare and animal hunting.

Where do the bones come from?

Any type of bone can and has been used for the creation of bangles, from elephant to chicken bone. The bones used for the commercial manufacture of bangles today are those discarded by the food industry. This includes the bones of cow, sheep and camel. These animals are not killed to make bangles.

How is the bangle made?

The bone is first cleaned and sanitized thoroughly using the highest quality technology available. Like with any piece of art, the bone is then shaped and sculpted according to a prepared design. There is no standard bangle. It can be large or small, wide or thin. These hand-crafted shapes may be prepared using anything from a chisel to a dremel to sandpaper. It takes a steady, patient hand. Resin is applied to the bangle afterwards to ensure the surface is smooth and clean. Its lacquer quality is ideal for the process.

What then?

The fun part comes after the preparation process. The artist decorates the piece and the only limit is imagination. Like any piece of original art, the design potential can include any- and everything that comes to mind: rhinestone, fabric, glitter, carvings, hand painting, gold settings, snakeskin. The end result is as boundless as the many personal tastes of the consumer. There is no doubt you will find a piece that will appeal to your unique sense of style and fashion.

Are bangles expensive?

No. On average, bangles are in an extremely moderate price range compared to most other costume jewelry. There are even bangle Ďbundlesí, i.e., a small group of bangles sold as a set at reasonable prices. Much like anything else, the final price is determined by what a consumer wants to spend on the product. And regardless of oneís budget, there is always a unique and smart design that will undoubtedly fit your taste.

Going out to a fancy restaurant? Off to meet the boss to conference with a new client? Letís take a last look in the mirror. HmmmmÖ Thereís a bone and resin bangle ready to give it a distinctive look. Bone and resin bangles will always be an original and unique way to accessorize any wardrobe.

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